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Club Information

Who are the Mustangs Track Club?


 Mustangs Track Club is a "Program" is not just a recreational type track team. The athletes are actually conditioned in the early Fall  through the later part of spring to prepare them to run faster, increase strength, stamina, fitness levels and instructed to run correctly through proper mechanics and drills during practice. All of these aspects will prepare them for their specific  events, weather it being sprints, middle distance, distance, hurdles or field events. The training method is well structured so the young athletes are not over training and peak at the proper time throughout the season. The specific events coaches are committed and  dedicate to train each of the athletes and stress the importance of attendance, diet, and staying focused, but keeping academics and family first of course! Please be sure to read the FAQ's thoroughly to reassure that the Mustangs is the team  you feel  will be best for your child's Track and  Field experience. We do not offer try-outs, the club is open to the entire Saint Louis community and we are willing to work with anyone seeking and elite level  team that's FUN AND FAMILY  FRIENDLY  with a knowledgeable and trusting coaching staff.The Mustangs Track Club is a Youth Track and Field organization established in winter 2012 to promote the sports of track & field and cross country in the St. Louis Metropolitan area through age group competition.  The Mustangs are a member of USA Track & Field's Ozark Association (USATF), which includes all of St. Louis counties and we also compete in Region 9 along with the following associations: Arkansas, Missouri Valley, and Oklahoma.Mustangs Track Club is also member of the AAU organization.

Who are the coaches?

We are lucky to have such great coaches. Read about them here...

Why should I join the Mustangs Track Team and What makes the Mustangs better than the rest?

The stereotype of the cutthroat, pushy Little League coach is all too familiar to most people. Why, some parents ask, should I subject my child to competitive team sports if that’s how it goes?

For one thing, the news. Today’s generation of children is fighting the worst obesity epidemic in history. Giving kids an excuse to exercise is reason enough to consider team sports. But calories aside, team sports have other benefits to kids—social, emotional and physical ones.

Here are some things that team sports teach that go well beyond scoring, batting, shooting and winning. 

 Why Join?, Because the Mustangs teaches the following

1. Ego Checks

Any parent knows that a child can be extremely egocentric. But that “my way or the highway” attitude will have to stay in check on a team sport. When a kid sees that everyone gets to play, they hopefully start to think about the group as a whole, and not just themselves. Even better, they learn to be happy for other player’s successes because they see how it benefits the team.

2. Positive Mentors

we have dedicated, thoughtful and skilled coaches  that can have an amazing impact your  children. In fact, sometimes your child will respond better to an objective coach than he will to his own parent. When kids have early, positive experiences with coaches, they continue to seek out and learn from mentors who can help them with school, jobs and other interests.

3.  The Three P's

Just as they must practice spelling, math and any other skill, kids need to learn that being part of a sports team requires the three P's … practice, patience and persistence. Whether it’s showing up to practice when you’d rather be home with Legos, waiting your turn on the sidelines, or doing the same drill over and over again, the three P's of team sports translate into important life lessons.

4. Intramural are an amazing reliever.

Stressed about an upcoming exam? That group project? Your computer that just can't seem to print? Running around with a bunch of friends can do wonders for reducing your stress level.

5. We are Totally DRAMA FREE TEAM so please don't bring it

6. We provide great exercise and great workouts.

7.. They're a great way to meet friendly people.

8. There can be leadership opportunities- here at the Mustangs we allow our kids to lead workouts such as the drills, and the stretching, we also appoint team leads for each age group.

9.  No doubt about it, this is one of the few places/track team you will have fun. Motto of the Mustangs say " have fun and promote good sportsmanship"

10.  We teach discipline and good sports man ship

11. We nurture, model and develop out athletes

12. We work closely with you child  to correct their forms and running skills

13. We teach them responsibility

14. We will work closely with your child to ensure there maintain good grades in school

15. Upon graduating high school we will try our very best and work closely to ensure your child gets scholarship in track and field and even any other sport not pertaining to track e.g. ( football). The head coach keeps close ties with lots of colleges and University across the United States to ensure you child get the best athletics scholarship possible.

16. Mustangs track club also concentrate on good eating habits and we provide hand outs for our athletes on what to eat and what not to eat.

17. We also encourage (P.R.E.K) which stands for Positive Running Exercises for Kids

18.Some of the most dedicated Coaches and staff you will ever meet, will dedicate they time in making sure you child learns and pro-form well at both school and track.

19. The Mustangs just don't coach or teach the fundamentals of running but we focus on healthy eating habits that goes hand in hand with sports on whole.

20. We do not just have competitive seasons but we also offer a fitness for the heavy set kids in out communities.

21. We allow our parents to work out with the team if these parents want to get fit and stay in sharp and this is free. 

Is it okay for my child to just practice with the team but not participate in Meet competitions?

Anyone wanting they child/ children to practice with the team but will not be competing with the Mustangs must pay the Non Competitive Membership fee of $200 which goes towards coaches fees, equipment etc.... and this fee is non refundable but is transferable just case that child/parent changes they minds about become Competitive and wanting to join the competitive program this fee of $200 will be transfer to that competitive program and be put towards that child uniforms but the said child/parent will still be responsible for the remain balance.Again, the Mustangs Track Club is a program, not a "Drop-in Train Class" so we ask for you commitment and dedication to the club for the best interest of your being a Track and Field participant. The Mustangs workouts are very demanding but we can assure you that the training will benefit any and all athletes that comes from various sports background, so if you decide on track to assist your child/athlete in alternative sports that is totally fine, but respect to coaches and teammates are essentials by communicating and attending practice/ track meets regular. Read more on our Non Competitive and Competitive Programs below.

What is Competitive Membership with the Mustangs Track Club?

BENEFITS:Membership benefits include sports accident insurance, USATF AND AAU competition eligibility, and athletes  will be featured on the clubs website. This also includes the opportunity to train with other members of the  team, learn from our experience and expertise of our coaching USATF and AAU certified staff. All athletes who sign up under this category will be trained weekly to be competitive in all track meets the Mustangs participates in. Mustangs athlete will compete in both organized  Local, Region and National level meets if athletes qualifies.

What is Non- Competitive Membership with the Mustangs Track Club?

BENEFITS:This membership includes a $200 fee, which is non-refundable. This membership is for anyone strictly wanting to stay in shape for other sports like: soccer,football, and baseball etc.. These athletes will have access to the same track as the competitive athletes but will be limited to some of the other training the competitive athletes will be doing. Non-competitive athletes are required to adhere to all the same rules and regulations, and will be on the same time schedules for practices. Non-competitive athletes will have training with our coaching staff based on there specific needs. If any Non-competitive athletes changes his/her mind about being non competitive and wanting to compete with the team must notify the head coach. Take note once this change takes place that non-competitive fee is transferable. That fee will be used for the athletes Uniforms and Backpack. Any outstanding balance will be the athletes responsibility to pay including meet fees.

What happens if i join the Mustangs Track Club and takes a season or a full year off from track and decide to come back and run for your club?

Anyone who joins our team but takes a full year off from competing/competition and comes back to run with us must go through the entire registration process which means filling out all the required forms again and repaying the $35 club registration fee. If decides to skip one season like the cross country or indoors you still can participate in the summer.The person who takes a full year off and returns may have to purchase new uniforms if the club has a change in uniforms so please keep that in mind.

What is Mustangs Motto?

Have fun and promote good sportsmanship. “Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.”

My son/daughter has never run track before, so how would i know what events will be best for them?

The coaches will use their best judgement to determine your child's strengths from the work outs and place them in the event they feel your child will have the best potential in. It is likely some will shift various events throughout the season. Please trust the coaches to " coach" your child.

What running gear does my child need?

Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets. Appropriate running attire should include long warm ups/sweats (earlier in the season), running shorts, long, short sleeved, and sleeveless shirts. Running spikes/cleats required at all practices. It is required that all athletes bring water and to practices and meets. Recommendation: Put your child’s name on everything they bring to the track, including water. 

How and where can I buy my child Spikes, cleats, track shoes?


1.Johnny Mac’s- Sunset Hills, MO

10100 Watson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63127


8340 Eager Rd

The Meridian at Brentwood

Saint Louis, MO 63144

Phone: (314) 824-981

WEBSITES - for your own personal designs on your track shoes but please call them first and talk to rep.

  • Means that these are the ones we recommend you used if you purchasing on line.

What Season does the Mustangs Train and Compete in and when are these season ?

Here at the Mustangs track club we have what we called a roll over registration process, if your child has already registered for Cross Country  or Indoors and wants to compete during the Summer season they do not have to go over the whole registration process. All paper work from previous seasons automatically rolls over to the following seasons. These athletes would just have to purchase all the require uniforms for the upcoming season which would be  indoor  or outdoor/summer Track. Keep in mind that our Cross country program requires you to have  different uniform and gears but the indoors and outdoor uniforms are the same.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Mustangs Track Club staff (coaches and volunteers) will focus on two primary directives which the program is based:

ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT – will encompass a variety of essential techniques needed to perform successfully in the sport of track and field. Track season will operate 12 months and is scheduled as follows:


  • Cross-Country training and competition


  • Indoor/ Winter Track and Field training and competition


  • Summer/Outdoor Track and Field training and competition

Do the Mustangs run relays and will my child be part of the relay team?

 Yes, the mustangs do compete in relays when there is enough person to  run relays. Our relay team are formed by selecting the two fastest runs in each age group for the 100 m and 200 m. Example the first and second place winners of the 100 meter and 200 meter dash will form our relay teams with the third place finishers  being the stand by person. Just in-case someone gets ill or does not show. The head Coach is the only person who can and will select this relay squad. Relays are formed during practices, and the coach usually race all the kids and time them in order to get the first and second place persons for these relay. For selection for a relay team all athletes wanting to run will have to take part in the run off selection process. Parents please take note even if you child is the fastest on the team and does not show up for the run off process he/she will not take part in the relay on the day of competition, which means even if a person from that team is missing we will not run any relay, even if your child is at competition, your child may run his/her individual races but no relay. All kids must attend the run off process at practices and show up on the day of competition in order to run on our relay squads.

Relays are conducted in the following age divisions only: Bantam, Midget, Youth, Intermediate, and Young Men/Young Women. Relays are not authorized for the Primary, Sub-Bantam and Sub-Midget Divisions. The Primary and Sub-Bantam divisions may move up and run with the Bantam division. Sub-Midget Division may move up and run with the Midget division. Sub-Youth may move up and run with the Youth division.

 Are there tryouts to be a member of the Mustangs Track Club?

We don't have tryouts for the Mustangs Track Club, but we recommend that all athletes attend several practices so their can determine if the Mustangs is right for them our training is very demanding which will only make your child better.Please do not print any of our forms and turned them in unless you child have attended several practices sessions

What if my child has ASTHMA can he/she still run track?

First let me say that ” Hometown Girl” Jackie Joyner Kersey ranked as one of the worlds greatest athletes had asthma. So there is a way to overcome this obstacle if we/you take the following precautions;

Modify Training Environment

Environmental factors, including exhaust, pollen levels, and humidity, can play a role in the onset of asthma attacks so it may be necessary to modify your training times and environments to help reduce the incidence of attacks, says Dr. Karim Khan, author of Clinical Sports Medicine. Running before or well after rush-hour traffic so fumes from motor vehicles are not present to irritate your respiratory system can help reduce onset of asthma attacks. During periods of high pollen contents in the air, exercise indoor in a climate controlled environment can help reduce flare-ups if your asthma is triggered by allergens. 

How much does it cost to join the Mustangs?

 The total cost to Join the Mustangs Youth Track Club is $151 which includes the following : Mustangs Club Registration fee of $35, AAU fee $16, USATF fee $20 and the Uniform fee of $80. We do charge a Club registration fee of $35 which will cover the following team expenses such as: operating expenses, Facility use fees, insurance, legal fees, web site maintenance and other misc expenses that may occur to the team which may related to the overall managing of the Mustangs Youth Track Club and Cross Country Team. Any other athlete wanting to train with us but do want to compete with the team will still be allowed to train with the Mustangs but  will be charge a fee for that (Non Competitive Athletes)  who just want to used our team for personal reason  will be charge a one time fee of $200 for those who do not compete.This Non Competitive fee is paid annually.  Athletes are required to register through the USATF and AAU Association so they are able to compete in all meet competitions.

What must I do to obtain full membership with this club?

For athlete wanting to join the Mustangs Track & Field Club and Cross Country Team for any season need to complete the following forms. Before filling out the forms below which can be found on the "Registration" page of this website Your child/athlete musts and should of attended at least two of our practices first. By attending several practices this will allow your child/athlete to determine if this is what he/she really wants to do:

  • Mustangs At home Code Conduct Form
  • Mustangs Athletes Promissory Note Form
  • Mustangs Background Check Form
  • Mustangs Code of Conduct for Travel Athletes
  • Mustangs Payment Contract Form
  • Definitions
  • Mustangs Internet Release Form
  • Mustangs Missed Practiced Form
  • AAU Membership Form
  • Mustangs Contact Information Form 
  • Mustangs Motto
  • Mustangs Parents Contract Form
  • Mustangs Registration Form
  • Mustangs Safety Guidelines Form
  • Mustangs Uniform Registration Form
  • Mustangs Parents Points 
  • Mustangs Suggested Snack-list 
  • Mustangs Athlete Pledge 
  • Mustangs Medical Treatment Form
  • Mustangs Uniform Agreement Form
  • USATF Membership Form
  • Where you can purchase Spikes/Track Shoes

**2 copies of the birth certificate and 2 copies of child's proof of insurance**

**2 copies of the child's medical history**

**All registration fees and forms are due back by the said date given to you by our Administrative body**

* No one needs to sign up for club membership if they are unsure if the Mustangs are right for them. We encourage newcomers to participate in a few practices first to see if it is something they want to do.   However before competing in a meet as a Mustang, the athlete must first become a member by signing the Mustangs membership form which is free to join*

What is USA Track & Field?

USA Track & Field (USATF) is the national governing body of track & field.  Before any athlete can compete in a USATF-sanctioned meet, whether as a member of the Mustangs or not, he/she must first become a member of USATF and the AAU.  Any athlete wishing to join the Mustangs must complete a USATF membership application  and the AAU and return it to the club along with proof-of-age verification, such as a copy of a birth or baptismal certificate, state or military I.D. card, or driver's license. 

What is AAU?

Part of the membership costs for being a member of the 2nd to None Track and Field traveling team includes a membership for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).  The AAU was formed in 1888 to serve as a forum for athletic competition among young men and women. The AAU is the largest nonprofit, volunteer based, sports organization in the United States. It supports over 500,000 athletes in 34 sports on the local, regional, and national level with more than 250 national championships. It was designed for all who share a passion for athletics. The AAU has helped to mold and shape our young athletes to become faster, stronger, and smarter.

What are the AAU Age Brackets?

Division                                              Year of Birth

Primary                                               2004 & After

Sub Bantam                                            2003

Bantam                                                    2002

Sub Midget                                              2001                                   

Midget                                                      2000

Sub Youth                                                1999

Youth                                                        1998

Intermediate                                       1996- 1997

Young Men/ Young Women             1994-1995

What is Age Group track?

Age group track is just as the name implies: track & field competition based on an athlete's age in the current calendar year.  The age group divisions for competition  are as follows:


  • Ages: 3, 4, 5 and 6 are consider Pee- Wee or what we as parents called the babies.
  • 7-8 age group is also called (Primary/Sub-Bantam Boys/Girls") Born 2005 or Later.
  • 8 & under Boys/Girls ( formerly "Sub-Bantam Boys/Girls" and also called Primary Boy/Girls") - Born in 2005 or later
  • 9-10 Boys/Girls (formerly "Bantam Boys/Girls) - Born 2003 or 2004
  • 11-12 Boys/Girls (formerly " Midget Boys/Midget Girls") - Born in 2001 or 2002
  • 13-14 Boys/Girls (formerly " Youth Boys/Youth Girls") - Born in 1999 or 2000
  • 15-16 Boys/Girls (formerly "Intermediate Boys/Intermediate Girls") - Born in 1997 or 1998
  • 17-18 Boys/girls ( formerly " Young Men/Young Women") - Born in 1995 or 1996 ( or in 1994 on/after July 29th)

Example: A child turns 13 on February 15, 2013 and their friend turns 13 on November 15, 2013.  Since they were each born in 2000, USATF considers them both to be 13 years old – and in the 13-14 age group – for the 2013 season, even though the one born in November would actually be 12 during the season and not turn 13 until after the season is over.

What are Youth Athletic and Junior Olympic meets?

Both Youth Athletic and Junior Olympic meets are sanctioned by USA Track & Field, and the same events are offered in both.  Kids in the 17-18, 15-16, and 13-14 age divisions may compete in up to four (4) events, while kids in the 11-12, 9-10, and 8 & Under age divisions may compete in up to three (3) events.  Combined event competitions (e.g. triathlon, pentathlon) do not count against an athlete's event limit.

Youth Athletic (also called "Youth" or "Age Group") meets are open to all USATF-member athletes.  The entry procedure for each Youth meet will be explained at club practices, usually within a week or two of the meet.  Any USATF-member athlete may register for and compete at any Youth meet.  All meets on the competition schedule are 

Youth meets except those that include the phrase "Junior Olympic".

Junior Olympic (or "JO") meets are based on a stair-stepping program of qualifying meets, leading to the National Junior Olympic meet.  The advancement procedure looks like this:

  • Association JO meet - Top six (6) in each individual and combined event and to four (4) in each relay event from the Association JO meet qualify for Regional JO meet.
  • Regional JO meet - The  top five (5) in each individual and relay event and top two (2) in each combined event from the Regional JO meet qualify for Nationals JO meet which most of you know as the Junior Olympic Games which usually be held around July and August depending on the two Association (AAU and USATF).

What are the track and field events for AAU AND USATF?

There are 14 track events and 7 field events in AAU youth outdoor track and field and may vary at the USATF meets. Please see Cross Country,Indoor and Outdoor pages for this information

Will the Mustangs help me get to these meets?

Yes, in some cases.  The athlete and their parents are, for the most part, responsible for securing their own transportation to any in-state meets (e.g. Around the St. Louis Area).  However, the Mustangs will provide assistance to out-of-state national meets for athletes who have met pre-determined performance criteria and the ones who have participated in our fund raising activities.  If an athlete twelve (12) years or younger qualifies for out-of-state competition, their parents have the responsibility of accompanying the athlete to the meet or procuring adequate supervision for the athlete before he/she will be allowed to accompany the club on the trip.  All athletes who receive assistance will be required to adhere to the club's travel policy form.  Parents and athletes who make alternative housing arrangements other than at the team hotel will not be eligible for travel funds.  Travel expenses will not be made available to any athlete in the 17-18 age division who has transferred from another USATF club.  The criteria concerning assistance with national transportation and housing will rest with the executive directors (Coach Collins and Ms Robinson).  There will also be a practice attendance expectation during June and July.

What are the practice times and where? 

Typically practices during the months of August- December will start at 5:30 pm and finish at 7:00 pm each day and  will be 3-4 days a week, Wednesday-Fridays with Saturdays schedule for field events practice unless reschedule is necessary due to weather or track availability due to sports taking place at the high school track. During the Months of January- August practice will start at 5:30 pm-8:00 pm, Monday’s – Thursdays with Friday schedule for our event day. Most Indoor and Outdoor season practices will take place at Roosevelt High School and some of our Hill sessions will be at the Tillie’s Park and the Carondolet Park. Please check the calendar on the team web site for practice dates, times and locations. 

During the Cross Country season we will practice at the Roosevelt High School as well as the various parks in and around the Saint Louis

How important is practice  attendance? Is it mandatory to attend each practice?


How important is your Job or school? Very Important right

 We  here at the Mustangs organization expects  every athlete to treat our club and practice the same way you would your job and school and come regular. A variety of fundamental concepts need to be covered in Track and Field for all events. The coaches spend Quality time and commitment into each workout to reassure progress at the proper time of training and refrain from injuries to a result in optimal performance. Therefore, we highly recommend attendance to all practice sessions, especially if this is your child priority sports during the Cross Country, Indoor and Summer track then it is very crucial to commit to all or at least 3-4 practices per week during the different seasons. ( Unless excused for illness, family emergency, and academics).

The Mustangs track  Seasons runs year round but our Summer practice season begins in early fall and runs through January for the new comers who just want to start then but we do recommend that  everyone start practicing with our team as early as August so our athletes can be better prepared (Condition, strengthen and have the endurance needed) than they opponent.  Most practices will be held at Roosevelt High School Track, located on the Corner of South Compton Avenue and Gravios.  Practice dates and times during January-August will vary depending on the Roosevelt High School  activities calendar, although most practices will start at 5:30 p.m.  Practices will generally be on Mondays,
Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m and some times Friday.  Check our Calendar page for the most up-to-date schedules.

The 5:30 p.m. starting time is the actual time our workouts begin.  Arrive at the track 10 to 15 minutes early to warm up and stretch so that you're ready to begin your workout by 6:00 pm.  Most practices will last about 1.5 hour to 2.5 hours and are followed by a mandatory team meeting, where the coaches will share important club news, such as information on upcoming meets and practices and to recognize athlete accomplishments.  If an athlete needs to leave practice early for any reason, it is their responsibility to inform the  head coach or executive director at the beginning of practice.  In the event of inclement weather like rain and snow, each athlete's parents should make their own decision on whether to come to practice.  Practices will normally be held, but may be cancelled at the last minute if the weather is a problem such as lightning/thunder storm.  If practice is called off early enough, we will post a notice on the club's web site, we will send out texting via our text messaging system and e-mail all parents and athletes whose addresses we have on file.

The Mustangs basic philosophy is that our coaches cannot help an athlete unless they are at practice.  Our practices are very demanding, so if an athlete is not coming to practice to work hard, then the Mustangs may not be for them.  We'd like the athlete to attend practice as often as possible, but also encourage them to participate in other sports that they enjoy.  If the athlete needs to miss a practice for any reason, the coaches can give them a workout to do on their own.  Ultimately, the harder the athlete works in practice, and on their own outside of practice, the better they will perform in meets.

What about uniforms?

The Mustangs uniform kit consists of a Long Sleeve and Long Tight  speed suit for colder meets/colder weather which most our kids will need, short sleeve speed suits for hot weather,  a warm up suit (jacket and pants), team T-shirt for Cross Country, team T-shirts for other purposes and a team bag pack. Uniforms will be issued to each club member after a  uniform deposit check is submitted to  the Club, our  the Uniform Coordinator.  Club members are expected to adhere to the Mustangs Uniform Agreement policies.  The uniform kit may be  your  property but you represent the Mustangs Track Club. Cross Country T-Shirts are also available upon requests.

The Mustangs uniform is nationally recognized and club members wear this distinctive uniform with pride.  Athletes will represent the Mustangs by wearing the uniform at all USATF  and AAU meets, including any award, opening, and closing ceremonies, and as also directed by the executive director.  Shoe choice and style is up to the athlete.  The Mustangs have many shoes available through our Shoe Exchange program. (Coming soon our exchange  program) .Parents are also encouraged to represent the club at meets by wearing a Mustangs shirt and appeals, available for purchase from the Uniform Coordinator and also through our website.

What are the parents' roles in the Mustangs?

Parents are strongly encouraged to be involved in the support of the  Mustangs and all the children of our team. In the near future our club  will be hosting one or two track meets each year and the parents' help at these meets is vital to them being successful.  This being or biggest and major fund raiser we will need all the help we can get.  The club also welcomes parents to attend our practices.  This gives you the opportunity to meet the parents of other athletes, and, by being at practice, you will get the same information we give the athletes during our post-practice team meetings.  We would ask, however, that parents watch the practices from the bleachers.  Also, we encourage parents to become USATF members by purchasing a USATF card, which can be used to gain free admission into all USATF-sanctioned association, regional, and national meets.Get involved! Parents can volunteer at various events and fundraisers.

Is parent attendance required at practices and meets? 

Yes. A parent or designated adult is required to be in attendance during all practices and meets.When parents attends practice we asked that you watch from the bleachers or side line. The coaches will be responsible for the athlete while on the track, however should a child need to leave the track for any reason, a parent or designated adult will need to take responsibility of the athlete

How long are the track meets and when are scheduled?


Most meets take place on Sundays with exception to a few. Be prepared to plan you day from 7 am-5 pm.

Are the Mustangs more than just meets and practices?

Yes!  Our club motto is "Have fun and promote good sportsmanship".  Lifelong friendships between athletes, and also between adults, have been fostered through participation and involvement with the Mustangs.  Several social activities are planned for this season. Please see our Activities/fund raiser page.

(1) Tentative dates are:

 - Our Pizza Night which is schedule for October

 - our Awards Ceremony Banquet Night which is schedule for  December


ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT – will include activities geared toward keeping youth on target for higher education. Participants enrolled in tutoring programs will meet twice a week for one hour sessions with our staff of certified teachers at various locations.

ADVANCED EDUCATION INITIATIVES – participants will receive assistance in preparation for the SAT / ACT exams (for college bound students), campus tours, coaching network and college referrals.

   ****Check our Calendar page for additional information on these activities as it becomes available****

I'm in track at school.  Can I also participate with the Mustangs?

High school athletes may not participate in our practices or compete in our meets if they run for they high school and until their school season is over, either after their district or state meet. If you are a high school in high school and do not run for you school then you are more than welcome to join our team and run.  Junior high and middle school athletes may participate in our practices and compete in our meets, but only with the permission of their school track coaches if their to do run for that school.

How can I stay up-to-date on Mustangs  happenings?

The best way to stay "in the know" is to attend the team meetings that follow most practices.  Any upcoming meet, practice, or other club activity information will be distributed and/or discussed there.  Another way is to periodically check

the Mustangs website,, for updates.  Plus, make sure the club knows your e-mail address,and Phone number , as occasional announcements, reminders, or other news items are e-mailed and text to your phones.

When are the meets and how do I enter them?

All Our meet schedule will be posted  here or on the Mustangs News Page.  An athlete wishing to compete in any of these meets as a Mustangs must first become a member of the club.  After practices begin for our Outdoor season in  January, the competition season starts in early April, with meets held generally each weekend through the end of July.  As information on each of these meets becomes available to the club, it will be relayed to the athletes during the team meeting that follows most practices.  Note: May meets are usually open only to the younger age divisions (13-14, 11-12, 9-10, 8 & Under), since the older age groups are not allowed to compete until their high school seasons have completed.

Meet registration is done online here.  Before an athlete can sign up for a meet, they must have a season paid membership for either USATF or AAU and the meet must contain events in their age division.  At each meet, kids in the 17-18, 15-16, and 13-14 age divisions may compete in up to four (4) events, and kids in the 11-12, 9-10, and 8 & Under age divisions may compete in up to three (3) events.  If an athlete wishes to run on one or more relay events, they have the option to select an alternate event in case they are not entered into the relay.

If you have any questions or difficulty in meet registration, please contact Avalon Collins or Ms Robinson, our Head Coach/President and Secretary/Co-owner by e-mail or phone.

How much does the uniforms cost with the Mustangs and what other fees do i have to pay?

Each membership fee includes:

 We only charge those person who won't be competing with us but would like our training and this is called a  (Non Competitive person) only our competitive athletes and  parents will allow to get this training for free. Non Competitive fees are $200 are put towards all our Operating Expenses, which include facility use fees, insurance, USATF and AAU team membership fees, legal fees, Web Site maintenance and other misc. team expenses related to management of the team.

  • Club Fee - $200  for a year (Non Competitive personals only) ones who join for personal reasons.
  • USATF Membership Fees - $20
  • AAU Membership Fees - $16 with extended benefits in case of emergency.
  • Meet Entry Fees - (1) 10 Invitational meets or Local Meets/other Track clubs = $12 each (surcharges included) 
                                (2) USATF Meets:(a) Junior Olympics =$25
                                                           (b) Regional Champs = $21 (Optional)
                                                           (c)Youth Outdoor Champs. = $25
                                                           (d)Ozark Assoc. Champs. =$20
                                (3) Ozark vs Missouri Border Wars =$17 (Optional)
                                (4) AAU Meets:(a) Junior Olympics = $47
                                                      (b) Area 15 National Qualifier = $27

  • Uniform Speed Suits: (a)Long  speed suits shirt & Long Pant = $80 (Optional)
                                         (b) short sleeve Suit both pants and top = $80 (Must Have)

  • Track Warm Ups- $85 (Optional)
  • Team Bag Pack - $45  (Optional)

Membership fees are not refundable or transferable and are all due upon registration unless told other wise.

*****Please do not print any of our forms unless your child have attended several of our practices ensuring this is what he/she wants to do****

The following is due at registration:

  • Mustangs Contract Form
  • At Home Code  Conduct Form
  • USATF form ($20.00 kids & parents $30.00 optional for parents)
  • AAU Registration form ($16.00 per year youth with extended coverage
  • Athletes Promissory Note
  • Athlete Background Check
  • Code of Conduct for Traveling Athletes
  • Definitions
  • Internet Release Form
  • Missed Practice Form
  • Mustangs Contact Information
  • Mustangs Motto
  • Mustangs Parents Contract
  • Mustangs Registration Forms
  • Mustangs Safety Guidelines
  • Mustangs Uniform Registration Form
  • Mustangs Parents Point
  • Mustangs Suggested Snack-list 
  • Mustangs Athlete Pledge
  • Mustangs Medical Treatment Form
  • Mustangs Uniform Agreement Form
  • Mustangs Where To Purchasing Spikes/Track Shoes Form

2 copies of the birth certificate and 2 copies of child's proof of insurance 

2 copies of the child's medical history

* No one needs to sign up for club membership if they are unsure if the Mustangs are right for them.  We encourage newcomers to participate in a few practices first to see if it is something they want to do. However, before competing in a meet as a Mustangs, the athlete must first become a member by signing the forms above.  Keep in mind it is free to join.*

*As most of this can be done through the club we really recommend you do so to prevent any mistake and by doing this it will make your job very easy.*

 *As being a part of the USATF assiocation the for Ozark we compete in Region 9 along with the following associations: Arkansas, Missouri Valley, and Oklahoma.

Are there additional expenses required by the athlete? 

The athletes/parents are responsible for transportation to all meets and the athletes meet entry fees which runs $10-$15 depending on who is hosting that meet and a surcharge maybe add for on line registrations. There are also entry fees that most be paid for Regional and National Championships (see registration page). There are shirts and sweatshirts other than the team uniforms for sale on the Mustangs Store, however purchase is optional. A good pair of running shoes should be purchased for the athlete. Spikes are a must have, for all Mustangs Competitive athletes.

How and what should my Child eat while running track?

NUTRITION / HEALTH EDUCATION proper diet and nutritional information will  be provided to all  Mustangs youth athletes and parents alike . Athletes will be trained to practice healthy living habits, including getting proper amounts of rest, abstaining from drug and alcohol use and eating balanced meals on a daily basis.

Below is a picture example of what your child is expected eat and if followed correctly you the parents will see results in they physically appearance, mentally  and also physically on the track. click  here for more information on how and what to eat. Below is the last question which will help you a great deal with this question as well, the last question tells you what to eat and what not to eat.

What is require for practices?

Arrive early, have your Spikes, always have a bottle of  water  upon arrival, and please come with a positive attitude, determination to learn and work hard.

What do I bring to practice? 

Athletes should have the following at each practice: 

·         Water Bottle and/or sports drink: Each athlete should bring a water bottle to every practice. It is very helpful if the water bottle labeled with their name. Running apparel: When it’s warm, this will consist of shorts (NO BASKETBALL SHORTS) and a t-shirt. When it is cooler, this can be the “compression garments” long sleeve top and full length bottoms. It is helpful if the bottoms are the kind that has zippers or snaps up the legs. This makes it easier for kids to remove the sweats without removing their shoes. When it is raining, athletes should have a waterproof coat and pants. When it is cold, athletes should plan on running the entire workout in their sweats and should have hats and gloves. When it is dark, athletes should bring a headlamp that will stay on their heads when they run. 

·         Warm-ups: Every athlete should wear sweats (top and bottom) to every practice. These will be worn through our dynamic stretching routine and warm-up run. The coaches will instruct the athletes when to remove their sweats. Our coaches believe that it is very important for proper muscle care for all of our athletes. If it is a hot day, please wear light-weight sweats. 

·         Training Shoes: all Mustangs athletes regardless of age or gender must have a pair a spikes/ track shoes for practices, athletes must also wear proper sneakers  for warm up purposes so he/she will be injury free.


·         Athletes must be registered to participate in practices, for the purposes of practices, payment plans are considered registered.

What can I expect at track meets? 

Age-group track meets can take some time due to the number of events being offered and the large number of participates. Parents should expect to spend up to 4-8 hours, in the stands. Due to this reason we strongly recommend you come prepared. We also ask that you stay through to the end of the Meet. Please do not “drop off” your athlete and leave them unattended at Track Meets. If you cannot stay for the meet you must make arrangements for supervision of your child. The Coaches are very busy and at times distracted with the flow of the Meet and cannot watch your child or be responsible for children that do not have parental supervision at Track Meets.

Bring lunches and snacks, a cooler with ice and plenty of water. Remember that meets are held under most weather conditions and some meets do not have covered seating so it also a good idea to have on hand some of following items depending on the weather conditions: Extra warm and dry clothing, umbrellas, seat pads, blankets, collapsible chairs, sunglasses, sunscreen, stop watches, binoculars, still and video cameras, and any other items you deem necessary. Check out the Mustangs Shop for great deals on warm up jackets and pants, sweatshirts, and t-shirts available in youth and adult sizes. There is normally a concession stand to purchase food and snacks at all meet sites but please do not purchase any fast food or junk food for example hot dogs, ice cream etc.. for the athlete before his/her race, please consult the coach before buying these stuff for you child at the concessions stands.

Note: Please ensure the athletes are properly rested, 

What can I expect at practices?

At the start of practice athletes are to take a minimum 2 lap warm with a maximum of 4 laps warm up jog and then proceed to the head coach for stretching and drills. After stretching and announcements, kids may be break off into groups: Sprinting (includes long jump and hurdlers), Distance, Throwing, and Race-walking. The athletes will spend the remainder of practice in their groups.

Note Please do not have the athletes eat heavily or consume dairy products before practices. Ensure they are properly hydrated and have had a healthy snack 2 hours before arriving at practices.

If I'm already on another Youth Track Team can I still Join the Mustangs Track Club?

YES, everyone and anyone is welcome, but if you are a  athlete wanting to transfer from one team to the Mustangs we recommend that you the athlete or parent be professional about it, before coming over to our team we recommend that you talk to that coach/coaches of that old team, by doing this it will eliminate all conflicts between those coaches and ours. We also recommend that you make sure you are in good standings financially, and also still have good friendship with that team. We are  a drama free team, so please don't bring any with you to the Mustangs thanks. 

What are the Mustangs AAU and USATF Numbers?

The Mustangs Track is registered with both the USATF and AAU since 2013 and our membership numbers are as followers: USATF - (22-147) and  AAU- (wwwcc5) when registering your child under the Mustangs Track Club  you will need these numbers to sign you child up but if think you will have problem then please see the head coach and he can get you child registered for you.

Do the Mustangs have a Committee and how do parents Join?

We offer four committees: Equipment, Housing, Nutrition,  Fund Raiser and Parent Committee. There are specific requirements that applicants must meet before they can become part of any committee. First, all committee members must possess a current USATF membership. These memberships can be purchased at under the “Become a Member” tab.  Next, the applicants will have to undergo a background check thru after obtaining membership from the Mustangs track club will ask you permission to run another for our club purposes.  And lastly, the Mustangs Track Club will need a valid copy of the applicant’s Drivers License. All new members will and must under go a back ground checks through the Mustangs Track Club administrator.  All copies must be submitted to the proper person (Ms Robinson) before any candidate can be placed on any committee list.  There are limited number of positions and are filled on a first come basis. New members will have the opportunity to join a committee if there is a vacancy at any position where Returning Members don’t have an interest in joining.On these committee's only the President and Co-owner can eliminated individuals from them, and non of the following committee has any power to eliminate the president or Co-owner.

How do I obtain meet results?

Meet results are posted on the Coach O website (see Web Links web page).  To get specific meet results, click on the Team Results. and find the meet calendar event.  Click and open the meet event.  The Coach O meet results link will be added to the calendar event once the results become available. If locating meet results becomes a problem that you can get them please ask the head coach he will print or email them to you.

How important is Nutrition and any tips on what my child should eat the day before and the day of the meet?

Yes, Nutrition is just as important as the training for young athletes throughout the season. Its also something often overlooked by parents. One of our jobs as coaches is to teach proper nutrition intake to the team (parents and athletes) in order to refrain from injuries, and to assist in effective performance during practice and of course the meets. The number one poison parents often allow their child to eat is SUGAR snacks an drinks!! Your child will absolutely NOT reap any benefits to their training and performance with over consumption of the Following: candy, chips, cakes,fried food, and sodas. Yes they are kids and those are th etype of things they enjoy eating.However,OVER consumption of any of the above prior to workouts or on a day of track meet, is not acceptable. Here's what we do recommend at least a few hours prior to practice: Sandwich, salad, goldfish snacks, pretzels, crackers, trail mix, fruit, and WATER!! The day before a meet, we encourage consumption of 8-10 glasses of water, lean protein ( chicken, or seafood) and pasta dinner (carbohydrates). The day of the meet Breakfast is very important and must be eating but keep the serving sizes moderation,especially depending on what time of the day is your child's event are scheduled. Breakfast option- Pancakes, waffle (low sugar syrup), turkey bacon or sausage, wheat toast, hot/cold cereal or oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, cereal or nutrition bar. Here's a list of things we suggest you pack in your cooler or team backpack for the meets: Fruit, water (is a must), low sugar sport drinks, yogurt, cheese n' crackers, nutrition/ cereal bar, Sandwich (lean meat & cheese, tuna, chicken, peanut butter or peanut and jelly), trail mix and Crackers.


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