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The Mustangs Track Club coaching staff has enjoyed tremendous prosperity developing their young track and field athletes over the last year.  The coaches are not compensated for their time, nor the expenses they incur relative to their involvement  in the Mustangs program.  These Coaches are truly altruistic; besides donating their time, they are also compelled to donate some of their personal funds to finance the team.

Our Coaching staff consists three of the most dedicated person you will ever meet:

President/Founder & Head Coach:

My Role: As the Head Coach I am ultimately responsible for the coordination and implementation of the workout and fitness regimen as well as overseeing the overall success of the Track and Field program. I am also responsible for the health and safety off all athletes, coaches, and staff.

 Bio: Avalon Collins started running track in elementary school level at the age of 7 and continued on through high school.  There he became valedictorian in 1994 for track and field.  After graduating high school, he took the Level 1 coach clinic test for the SKNAAA (St. Kitts & Nevis Amateur Athletic Association).  After passing it, he took a coaching job at a local elementary school.  During that time he also coach at the high school level.  Some of the accomplishment consist of 6 elementary school championships, won 3 district championships, and one national championship.  During this time, several athletes went on to the Junior World  Track & Field games and the Senior Olympics.  Coached by Coach Collins at the Elementary and High school level female Olympic runner Tiandra Ponteen.  Coach Collins attended Lindenwood University  on a track and field scholarship and now has devoted his time to offer his knowledge and skills for our youths. At Lindenwood University Coach Collins have obtain two degrees,one in Physical eductaion for secondary kids, one in religion with a minor in Social Studies and in History.  Coach Collins have been Coaching since 1994 after finishing  High school,so he has about twenty  plus years of both running and coaching experience under his belt. Coach Collins is also apart of the Positive Coaching Alliance programs for the AAU.

Contact Information

                                                                 Name: Coach Collins

                                                                 Tel: 314-709-0663

                                                                 Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]

                                                                 Facebook: Mustangs Track Club

Co-Founder/Secretary & Head Throw Coach: 

My Role: Accounting, budgets, and keeps financial record of the organization's membership fees, expenses, donations, withdraws, bank deposits, etc. Works personally with families to administer each individual athlete's account balance.

Bio: Ms Robinson came on board one week after the club was form and has been with us ever since. Robinson has a few years of throwing from high school where she threw the shot put and the javelin. She now devotes her spare time to the kids of the club and she is now our Head Coach for all throwing events such as: Javelin, Shot put, Hammer, Turbo Javelin and the Discus. 2013 being our first year competing, she has qualified eight of her throwers to the AAU Junior Olympics in Detroit Michigan with a little help from Head Coach Collins.Ms Robinson is  now a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance  for AAU, She have complete all three levels: Level 1, Level 2 , and Level 3.

Contact Information

                                                                  Name: Coach Robinson/ Ms Robinson

                                                                  Tel: 314-740-5875

                                                                  Email: [email protected]

                                                                  Facebook: Mustangs Track Club

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