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   Please please click the blue link to make donations as well : 

Mustangs Track and Field loves our sponsors, without them our club couldn't be a success.  We would love to have you and/or your organization be part of our team!  If you are interested in helping to financially support the Mustangs Track Team, please contact us or let any team member know.  A Mustangs board member will be in touch with you soon thereafter.

In addition to donations, we are always looking for opportunities for our young athletes to give back to their community.  If you have an upcoming event that could help provide such an opportunity, please contact us through email. Mustangs is not only interested in producing quality young athletes on the track, but producing well rounded citizens off the track as well.

Mustangs Track Club
Sponsorship Form

When you have completely filled out this form, please print out and mail to:

Mustangs Track Club
4030 Taft Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63116

Yes,  I want to be a sponsor, I understand that the Mustangs is a non- profit organization dedicated to advancing the education and careers of St.Louis area track and field talent. Please choose one option at the bottom. Any amount that you can donate is greatly appreciated, and spreading the word would be a big help also!!

      $1 - $199                                                   $300                                            $600                                                           $900                                                        $1.200

 Generous Donation                         Sponsor one Athlete                    Sponsor two Athletes                Sponsors Three Athletes            Check enclosed if you sponsor in four                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  athletes put amount here ___________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Personal Information


     First Name________________________________

     Last Name________________________________

     Street Address_____________________________


     Zip/ Postal Code____________________________



****Printable form here****


  1. Bake sale 
  2. Car Wash
  3. Jelly Bean 
  4. Popcorn sale 
  5. Party for a Cause
  6. Candy Bar
  7. Crispy Creme
  8. Candies
  9. Candle sale
  10. Water Sale
  11. Trash Liner
  12. Gas Card 
  13. Cookie Dough
  14. Burger King
  15. Pool Party
  16. T'J'S Pizza
  17. Bag Grocery
  18. Garage Sale
  19. Pinata Contest 
  20. Used Book Sale 
  21. Team Barbecue
  22. Balloon Pop
  23. Hug-A-Gram
  24. Clearing Snow
  25. Hoopla
  26. Calendar Sale 
  27. Scavenger Hunt

Any other suggestions please let us effort.....

****Dates and times to be announced later****


(1) Mustangs Picture Day
(2) Mustangs Picnic 
(3) Mustangs Pizza Night
(4) Mustangs Annual Award Ceremony and Banquet 
(5) Annual Historical Day
(6) Zoo Day 
(7) Annual Six Flag Day


300 Violin Orchestra
Jorge Quintero

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