Mustangs Elite Youth Track & Field Team                                    


                        CLUB INFORMATION:

Year Club Started: 01/01/2012

Year Started Competing: 04/14/2013

Club Accomplishments: July 25th - August 3rd of 2013, we had a total of nine (9) athletes who Qualified for the Junior Olympics in Detroit Michigan and at that time we only had a registered number of fifteen (15) athletes in total so this has to tell you something about the Mustangs Organization and its coaching staff,(committed, dedicated, and works closely with each individual child).

Remember to stay Hydrated

                                            MUSTANGS AND ITS MEANING  

M- Motivational

U- Understanding

S-  Safety

T- Thorough

A- Appreciative

N- Noticeable

G- Generous

S- Supportive

Mustangs Mission

The mission of the  Mustangs Track Club is to ensure our youth will grow mental and physical strength.  Learn the value of teamwork and strive to be the best they can be.  Promote long term friendships and good sportsmanship.  Teach moral values that will benefit our youth going into adulthood. The Mustangs Track  and Field Club is a non-profit organization wholly dedicated to providing the youth of the Saint Louis area with a supervised, fundamental learning experience. Our mission is also to promote the ideals of responsibility, hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork and spiritual fellowship within a safe and positive environment.  The individual growth of our community‚Äôs athlete is enhanced through the spirit of competition, discipline and fairness. These goals will be accomplished by providing structured programs designed to educate both participants and parents in all aspects of track and field. The Mustangs Track and Field Club is committed to providing youth programs that maintain the highest standards and guarantees a fun, positive experience for everyone involved.

Mustangs Track Club fully embraces the family concept of working together within our organization and throughout the community. Our coaches and parents promote and model skills that encourage our members to be positive and conduct themselves responsibly. We continually seek opportunities to engage in activities that encourage our student athletes to bond. Since the club started, we have exposed our student athletes to historical sites, cultural events, and museums, while competing in various states including Kansas, and Michigan. The Mustangs team is looking to expand its travel to a variety of different states in the up coming season, this will expose our  athletes to other undiscovered talent. By doing so this will make our athletes better and faster.

Values of the Mustangs Track Athletes, Coaches, and Parents

  1. Take pride in team and self
  2. Respect on all levels for oneself, one's teammates, coaches, and surroundings
  3. Explore boundaries, push oneself both mentally and physically to reach a personal sense of achievement and attain goals
  4. Embrace the sport by doing your best 
  5. Choose positive and supportive actions and choices- everything one does reflects on the team, self, and community
  6. Speak and act responsibly
  7. Exhibit good sportsmanship at all times
  8. Include all, support all, and treat all with fairness and equality
  9. Commitment to team- understand and believe in yourself and teammates to build a cohesive, effective, unified body
  10. Engage, inspire, and motivate
  11. Recognize talent and develop in a safe, age-appropriate manner.
  12. We motivate all our athletes to improve their academic achievements through and while running track.

Goals of the Mustangs Track Club

  1. Experienced, Knowledgeable coaching
  2. Adhere to team policies
  3. Set a base for good nutrition  and lifelong health and fitness
  4. Build confidence through team and individual achievement
  5. Develop specialized field skills, teaching focus and diversity
  6. Teach functional running, jumping, throwing via proper instruction of techniques , mechanics and form
  7. Age appropriate strength and conditioning practices
  8. Underlying all sport taught in track: explosiveness, acceleration, strength, endurance and stamina
  9. Teach by example
  10. Teach body awareness
  11. Realize the meaning of: heart, will and perseverance
  12. Understand the power of motivation, finding inner drive, and exploring boundaries.
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